The famous ayurvedic Arthritis clinic in Jalandhar offers very effective and low-cost treatment. Arthritis is a disease related to joints and bones, also known as Sandhivat. The disease is very common in elderly people and causes swelling, pain and inflammation. Sometimes it results in severe pain sometimes and difficulty in walking properly.

Arthritis is a systematic disorder causing pain. If prolonged, it may affect organs and tissues. Starting with stiffness in muscles, it may extend up to muscle pain and weakness. Ayurveda offers the easiest way to cure this painful disease also known as Rheumatoid Arthritis.

What is Arthritis

Arthritis is a critical illness of joints. Ayurveda takes a unique approach for its treatment. The ayurvedic treatment is implemented with herbal medicines, herbal massage oils, and certain food style. A proper diet can help restore the digestive system and prevents the formation of ama in the body. At our clinic, patients get medicines as well diet recommendations. A balanced diet in combination with medicines improves the lubrication in the joints. This effectively cures arthritis and stops the further degeneration of the muscles and joints. The natural process of healing helps patients in recovering healthy joints without any painful surgeries and side effects.

Natural Treatment for Arthritis Problems

The level of inflammation and disability differs with different types of arthritis. No matter whatever is the natural and how old is the disease. You will get definite results with our natural treatment for all types of arthritis:

1. Osteoarthritis
2. Rheumatoid Arthritis
3. Psoriatic Arthritis
4. Gout
5. Lupus
6. Back Pain
7. Other Musculoskeletal pains

Some types of arthritis are subsided and recur again. Some are continuously causing pain in different parts.

Nature has rich treasures of herbs with healing powers. Our Dr Narinder Ji suggests most effective ayurvedic medicines prepared from herbs effective in rheumatoid arthritis.

Symptoms of Arthritis

If you are suffering from any of the traits like stiffness in knees, legs, and back with or without pain, you are most likely to suffer from arthritis. Here are some major symptoms of arthritis:

1. Morning stiffness
2. Decrease in range of motions
3. Pain in joints
4. Numbness and tingling in joints

The most common targets in arthritis pain are knees, feet, ankles, shoulders, wrists, fingers, and back. The level of pain ranges from mild to severe pain. There are many temporary pain killers and other medicines available in modern science. However, ayurvedic takes a unique approach to cure the disease of roots.

Ayurvedic Arthritis Clinic

Dukh Niwaran is a famous arthritis clinic in Jalandhar. It completely follows Ayurveda principles to cure the chronic diseases like arthritis, asthma, and others. Patients with rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis get effective medicines here.

The traditional medicinal system identifies the root causes of the arthritis pain in one’s food styles and lifestyle. A proper balance of food with the most powerful healing herbs works to eliminate the disease for a longer period. If you are suffering from painful and prolonged arthritis, do visit the Dukh Niwaran arthritis clinic in Jalandhar. Due to the affordable and accurate treatment of arthritis, people from all over the India and the world rely on Dr Narinder Singh Ji.


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