Asthma is a chronic respiratory health issue. It is generally caused by inflammation, infections, allergies, and hereditary issues. Short breathing and wheezing are the major symptoms of asthma. It is a very common health issue related to respiratory system. Acute asthma can cause serious risks to the patient. Many diseases where modern science fails, Ayurveda has accurate solutions. Our asthma clinic in Jalandhar, famously known as Dukh Niwaran offers natural treatment for asthma.

Dukh Niwaran Dawakhan is a famous Asthma clinic in Jalandhar treating patients for four generations. Our clinic combines the curing power of natural herbs to give the best treatment for breathing problems like asthma.

Ayurvedic Treatment for Asthma Problem

Ayurveda connects respiratory problem of asthma with your digestive system and overall constitution. Our Dr Narinder Ji has a great expertise in treating asthma. He suggests best herbal medicines and diet bring definite results. He has cured many patients in India and from far-off countries. Patients have got rid of critical asthmatic conditions for a lifetime. The natural remedies treat the root cause of the disease. Hence, the disease is cured completely and do not recur.

Causes and Symptoms of Asthma

The main reason of Asthma is difficult to diagnose. There are many reasons of asthma and they differ from person to person. Our Dr analyses patient’s lifestyle, hereditary history, working conditions, and constitution for diagnosis. Generally, a combination of hereditary and environmental factors triggers asthma. The level of this disease also differs in patients. Some asthmatic problems are just airborne and stay limited to allergic reactions. Certain substances trigger allergic conditions of asthma but they differ from person to person. The major substances include dust particles, common cold, physical activities, cold air, and air pollutants. Many occupations where a person deals with flour, chemicals, and metal waste also cause asthma.

Treatment for Different Asthma Problems

At Dukh Niwaran auyurvedic clinic, all the following types of asthma are treated with natural remedies:

1. Exercise induced asthma
2. Cough-variant asthma
3. Occupational asthma
4. Night time or nocturnal asthma
5. Health conditions similar to asthma
6. Allergies and asthma

There are no definite medicines to cure asthma completely in modern allopathic medicines. However, patients are given remedies like inhalers in critical conditions.

Our ayurvedic treatment for asthma involves a combination of proper diet, therapies, and medicines. Ayurveda focuses on restoring digestion with the right diet. Our Dr Narinder Ji also suggests lifestyle alterations required for treatment. The combined results of all the treatment help patients in getting rid of this disease.

The Dukh Niwaran herbal clinic is an age old and world famous asthma clinic in Jalandhar. Thousands of patients suffering from chronic and prolonged asthma have got positive results. Due to its proven and guaranteed treatments, the clinic receives patients from all corners of the country. The affordable solutions with harmless natural remedies have made patients from overseas to come here. The clinic has earned recognition in the accurate treatment of many illnesses. Through its unique diagnosis and treatment of asthma, Dukh Niwaran clinic is known for its approach to the disease.


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