Cancer does not mean the end at our Ayurvedic clinic in Jalandhar. Dukh Niwaran has earned a great name in treating this life-threatening disease with herbal medicines. India’s ancient medicinal science of healing with herbs is still prevailing. In spite of the development of the modern science, Ayurveda wins specially in the treatment of certain chronic illnesses like cancer.

Cancer is known as one of the most complicated and dangerous diseases. It affects the surrounding tissues as well as organs very fast. The toxins result in malign cells. Cancer spreads with the multiplication of the cancerous cells in the body. The treatment of certain diseases in modern science is very expensive and not complete. But our ayurvedic therapies for cancer are very affordable for everyone.

Ayurvedic Herbal Treatment for All Cancer Problems

Feel free to visit us for any type of cancer problem you are suffering from. Patients have been treated with proven herbal medicines for all following cancers at Dukh Niwaran cancer clinic in Jalandhar.

• Lung cancer
• Brain cancer
• Cervical cancer
• Ovarian cancer
• Breast cancer
• Melanoma
• Bladder cancer
• Pancreatic cancer
• Colorectal cancer
• Skin cancer
• Cancer of kidney
• Prostate cancer
• Esophageal cancer
• Uterine cancer
• Liver cancer
• Thyroid cancer
• Leukemia

Cancer is often a dreaded disease for which cure is not very easy. The allopathic solutions are very expensive and not affordable to everyone.

Ayurvedic Clinic for Cancer

In Ayurveda, the imbalances of Doshas in body system cause cancer. The treatment of this disease deals with levels of Doshas in patient’s body. Our Dr Narinder Singh Ji has inherited skill of treating cancer with natural remedies from his ancestors. The familial expertise in expertise has made the clinic famous as they are serving since 2 generations. The clinic was formed with an aim of serving mankind with low-cost medicines. The treatment available at our clinic is always very economical. We are not only famous in Jalandhar but also in all the cities of Punjab. The fame our natural treatment is widespread. Hence, we receive patients from all the states of India as well other countries too. We have treated cancer in patients from countries like UK, Australia, Canada, Portugal, and others.

Cancer Clinic in Jalandhar

Treatment of cancer in modern science involves expensive and painful therapies. While the natural medicine gives an accurate treatment and eliminates the disease completely. The clinic is recognised for offering very affordable treatment with harmless natural medicines. Though based in Jalandhar, our definite treatment procedures have attracted patients from far-off places. If you or anyone in your family or friends are suffering from cancer, we can provide natural remedies to different types of cancer.

Visiting Dukh Niwaran for the treatment of cancer has benefitted many patients. Cancer will no more be a difficult disease. Our Doctor uses his in-depth knowledge of herbs and Ayurveda to give effective solutions to cancer problem. Treatments are completely done with natural medicines and hence leave no harmful side effects to your body.


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