Diabetes Mellitus or Madhumeh is a major metabolic disorder. It is a chronic modern day disease which requires a patient to be on daily doses of medicines or regular injections. However, Ayurveda has herbs that can cure diabetes without any side-effects. Diabetes means high blood sugar which causes hundreds of other health complications like urinary problems, joints pain, eyesight problem, kidney failure, dehydration, and fatigue.

Dukh Niwaran Ayurveda based Diabetic clinic is a terribly famous place to get accurate treatment. Diabetic patients from all over Punjab and India visit our Jalandhar based clinic. The clinic is successfully treating this Maha Rog with effective herbs. Ayurveda has recommended appropriate medicines and diet to balance sugar levels in your body.

Symptoms and Causes of Diabetes

The diabetes is found in male as well females. The problem is one of the very common also found in young age group. Diabetes is a chronic lifestyle disorder of modern times. It mostly occurs due to a stressful life, imbalanced diet, excessive fatty food, certain unhealthy habits, and absence of physical activities. Many times, the diabetic problem is also hereditary.

Following are the major symptoms found in diabetic patients:

1. Fatigue and excessive sweating
2. Sudden weight loss
3. Difficulties like blurring of vision
4. Increase in urination frequency in large amount
5. Excessive hunger and thirst

Ayurvedic Treatment for Diabetes

Our Dr Narinder Pal Singh Ji is an experienced and learned Auyrveda expert. He has inherited the skills and knowledge of rich herbs from his ancestors who have served Diabetic patients for more than 2 generations.

At our Diabetes clinic, patients are given herbal medicines and dietary regulations. The alternate medicines may have side-effects and do not give any permanent solution. But our natural medicines address the root causes of the disorder and do not create any other impacts on your health.

Natural Medicines for Diabetes

A complete treatment of Diabetes at Dukh Niwaran clinic involves medicines and dietary recommendations. We have a natural treatment plan to give deeper healing to keep you away from this disease for long. Our herbal medicines will help you maintain metabolic functions and balance sugar level. After a treatment of few months, you can get rid of Diabetes. The herbal medicines we provide are very effective and already proven to treat chronic Diabetes problem.

Diabetes is a widespread disease and badly impacts your overall health. If you are troubled with this disorder, do visit us to find a very affordable solution. The medicines are natural and hence innocent. Without any other painful injections, allergies and side-effects, you will be able to live a normal life.

At Dukh Niwaran clinic, every individual is diagnosed with the problem in details. Every patient’s history, body constitution, dietary habits, and lifestyle is discussed to provide appropriate medicines and therapies.

Diabetes problems in our clinic are treated with meagre fees and low-cost medicines. The clinic is active since 50 years with the main motto of serving mankind with affordable and effective treatment. Visit us to cure diabetes naturally and stay healthy.


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