Dukh Niwaran Kidney problem clinic in Jalandhar is giving herbal medicines to cure kidney disorders. Our Dr Narinder Pal Singh Ji has a strong background of his ancestors who held the same specialization. The clinic has achieved great fame and authenticity in the treatment of various diseases through Ayurveda. The herbal medicines and suggested are based on strong research by our ayurvedic doctor. Hence, we are famous for the most effective natural solutions for complicated kidney related problems.

Our clinic is a world famous place for getting precise natural medicines for various health problems. We bring the most harmless and painless way to get rid of the complex kidney problems. Our ayurvedic medicines for kidney disorders have helped many patients to recover. The artificial ways of replicating kidney functions are often very painful for the patients. The natural medicines will help you to restore your kidney functions to normal.

Major Kidney Diseases

There are various factors that lead to kidney disorders. We provide affordable treatment for all these kidney problems:

1. Kidney stones
2. Injury or damage to kidney
3. Bleeding
4. Urinary tract infections
5. Kidney infections
6. Renal blood clots

We provide treatment for all urological problems or kidney related problems at our clinic. Ayurvedic treatment of kidney diseases will rejuvenate your kidney functions.

Symptoms of Kidney Diseases

The worst part of kidney diseases is that they are not easily tracked. Sometimes, the patient comes to know at a later stage.

Hence, here are the major signs of kidney problems:

1. Sheer pain in the back (side)
2. Pain spreading towards stomach area
3. High fever
4. Pain during urination
5. Abnormal urine frequency or amount
6. Bleeding with urine
7. Vomiting
8. Dizziness
9. Frequent diarrhoea or constipation
10. Rashes on skin

Besides above, the patient may feel swelling in the urinary area, short breath or unusual taste in the mouth. Kidney problems should be immediately consulted. Kidney pain may occur on any side. Sometimes mild damages and infections of kidney do not give major signs.

Natural Remedies for Kidney Disorders

Treatment of kidney problems in the alternate modern medicines is done through expensive operations, transplantation and painful therapies. With our effective medicines, your kidney functions can be gradually restored to normal. The need of dialysis will be reduced drastically. Our medicines also work on kidney stones, kidney infections, and other urinary tract problems. After completion of the treatment, you will be able to live a healthy life.

Patients for kidney problems are treated at our clinic with all following factors:

1. Herbal preparations or medicines
2. Necessary dietary changes
3. Lifestyle changes
4. Ayurvedic therapies

Dukh Niwaran offers herbal medicines and natural therapies to treat several problems. With proper diet and herbal preparations, patients get satisfactory treatment for all kinds of urological problems. The prices at our clinic are always very affordable. Patients are given consultations in details about the causes of the disease, critical lifestyle recommendations, doses of medicines, and for regular follow-ups.

There might be many patients who are suffering due to kidney failure. Patients might have been recommended for dialysis or already on dialysis. We also request such patients to visit us once and give us a precious opportunity to do the needful. Even for such people, the hope is never lost at Dukh Niwaran Clinic given the opportunity.


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