Dukh Niwaran is an ayurvedic clinic in Jalandhar for specialized treatment of male infertility. The clinic is the world famous for providing effective treatment of infertility problems in males. Dr Narinder Paul is giving affordable solutions to desperate childless couples.

Inability to have a child can damage a happy married life of any couple. In spite of tremendous advancement, the modern medical science does not offer solutions to all the types of infertility issues. Moreover, the available treatment for certain problems is very expensive. Our ayurvedic approach to male infertility problems gives definite and easy solutions to various issues.

Ayurvedic Treatment for Male Infertility Problems

Dukh Niwaran infertility clinic is following the ancient herbal medicinal system for curing infertility disorders in the male. We handle all the male related problems, among which major ones cover:

• Low Sperm Count and low sperm mobility
• Nil Sperms
• Problem in Semen Formation
• Absence of Ejaculation
• Dead Sperms
• Abnormal Sperms

The clinic is treating male problems for more than 50 years and many childless males have improved their abilities to reproduce. Our proven herbal medicines are successfully helping patients to improve the sperm related problems. Numerous childless couples have met success with us without using any artificial and expensive treatments offered by the modern science.

The herbal medicines suggested by our clinic have given desired results in a short time. Many couples craving for children has benefitted with our medicines. Patients visit our clinic from far off cities and states. The clinic is also famous in other countries and receives patients from UK, USA, Portugal, Canada, and many other countries.

Natural Ayurvedic Treatment for Male Infertility

The problem of low sperm count in male does not have satisfactory treatment in modern medicine. Age old ayurvedic therapies and medicines have solutions for low sperm and low sperm mobility, and other infertility issues in the male. Due to many hormonal and lifestyle issues, the problem of male infertility is common. Dukh Niwaran clinic for male infertility is all about a holistic approach to improve fertility.

Male infertility is a critical issue and there are different reasons for it. Most common problems are low quality and low quantity of the sperm. Other problems are related to hormonal and sexual issues. Dukh Niwaran clinic offers easy and natural solutions to all such problems at very low cost. As the clinic is run with an aim of serving mankind, you need not worry about the incurring heavy expenses. Our Ayurvedic doctor suggests the best combination of therapies, herbal medicines, and lifestyle changes for the positive effect. All the medicines are given to suit you without any ill-effects on your health.

Males suffering from such problems have found good results after using the medicines. Dr Narinder Ji is a scholar in Ayurveda and herbal medicines. He evaluates the diagnostic reports and also understands individual’s constitution. Accordingly, he suggests the best herbal medicines and ayurvedic therapies to cure infertility problems in the male. Patients from all over the world are receiving satisfactory treatment at our infertility clinic in Jalandhar.


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