Dr Narinder Pal Singh Ji from Dukh Niwaran clinic at Jalandhar is a famous Ayurveda skin specialist. He is holding vast knowledge of herbs and natural oils to heal the skin diseases. His curative formulas have made the clinic very well-known in India as well abroad. Satisfactory results for all skin problems like eczema, ringworm, burns, herpes, acne, skin infections, itching are given here.

Dukh Niwaran ayurvedic skin problem clinic is serving mankind since many years. Natural medicines and therapies are used to treat patients through painless ways. The clinic was formed with an aim to serve. Hence, the consultation and medicines are very affordable for everyone.

The skin problems can be very distressing for the patients. It can cause pain, displeasure as well mental stress among the patients. We have experience in treating critical skin disorders through natural ways. Our medicines work on the root cause of the problem and avoid recurrence of the problem in future.

Ayurvedic Treatment for Skin Disorders

Skin is a sensitive and the biggest part of the body. As per Ayurveda, it consists of seven layers. Hence, skin diseases are not an only external problem. Many internal problems can cause skin disorders. Our Dr Narinder Pal Singh Ji studies the deep rooted causes of the skin problems. Many skin problems are related to problems with blood, digestive system, muscles, and fat. Our Doctor’s powerful knowledge and research on various herbs allow us to provide you with the best solutions.

All the following skin problems and others are treated at our clinic:

1. Psoriasis
2. Dermatitis
3. Eczema
4. Herpes
5. Leprosy
6. Itching
7. Rashes
8. Blisters
9. Photo sensitivity
10. Acne
11. Black spots
12. Leucoderma

We give only essential oils, ointments, herbal powders, and oral medicines prepared from medicinal plants or herbs. Appropriate food habits are also suggested for faster results. Within few days or weeks, your skin diseases will be cured permanently.

Causes of Skin Diseases

While many skin disorders occur due to external forces like dust, pollution, injury, infection, burns, and insect bites; many are caused due to internal problems. Types of causes of skin diseases are wrong diet and improper lifestyle. The wrong diet like excessive oily or pungent diet can create imbalances. Whatever food goes against the prakriti or nature of your body constitution may also cause skin disorders. As per Ayurveda, Pitta is the main cause of skin disorders. Hence, dietary recommendations are important in the treatment of skin problems. Some causes are also related to hot and humid conditions, diabetes, hereditary factors, and mental stress.

At Dukh Niwaran clinic, patients get necessary diet related instructions to get rid of the skin problems. Besides healing the skin diseases externally, our treatment removes the toxins from your body that are causing the problems. As for the diet and lifestyle changes, fried foods, sour food, acidic, tea, coffee, and very spicy food are to be avoided by the patients while on medicines. Patients are also suggested the best diet for his body to remove skin problems from the root.


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