Dukh Niwaran Ayurvedic clinic offers natural solutions to all types of stomach problems. The ayurvedic clinic run by Dr Narinder Singh Ji is established with a vision to serve. The clinic is providing affordable treatment for stomach ache, stomach cramps, and many other problems related to stomach.

Ayurveda is a traditional and age old medicinal system. It offers economical solutions to many prolonged illnesses without any side effects. Dukh Niwaran clinic for stomach problems is offering natural treatment for stomach aches. Patients are treated with medicines prepared from natural herbs and combination of herbs.

Ayurvedic Treatment for Gastro Problems

Stomach aches are one of the very common health problems. If prolonged, they can prove very distressing and risky for the person. The reasons for stomach pain are multiple. Our herbal clinic is providing accurate treatment for all the following types of stomach problems.

• Intermittent stomach pain
• Stomach ache
• Cramps in stomach
• Intestinal cramps
• Stomach upset
• Stomach bleeding
• Stomach tingling/paresthesias

Stomach pains are caused due to various problems in stomach and intestines. Our doctor is a specialist in treating stomach problems. The clinic receives patients from all over the country and the world for various diseases related to stomach. Our Dr Narinder Singh Ji is a master in Ayurveda. He has inherited knowledge and skills from his ancestors.

Herbal Remedies for Digestion Problems

One of the major cause of stomach problems are issues with digestion. In the absence of good digestion, a person develops various stomach problems. A healthy digestive system guarantees healthy stomach. At Dukh Niwaran Ayurvedic Clinic for stomach illnesses, patients get remedies to digestive disorders. We also provide treatment for all digestion problems and loss of appetite.

Patients visit us to get rid of the common stomach illnesses like indigestion, gas, acidity, constipation and ache. The best treatment for critical stomach diseases like peptic ulcers and intestinal cramps are also available.

Ayurvedic Treatment for Stomach Pain

Many stomach pains are temporary. Many aches start suddenly and stay for a longer time. Acute stomach pains can ruin a healthy life of a person. Many times, the pains are likely to get repeated again if not treated properly. Dr Narinder Ji of Dukh Niwaran stomach problem clinic is a master in treating stomach pains. He is also skilled in diagnosing the root cause of the pain. After identifying the cause, he offers systematic treatment and doses of natural medicines. Since the clinic suggests only herbal medicines, there are no chances of side-effects.

In modern sciences, critical intestinal problems are treated with expensive and painful surgeries. But we offer painless and low-cost treatments which will give you permanent results for the diseases related to stomach or intestine. The clinic was established many years ago with an aim to provide easy and affordable treatment. The motto of service is still followed and serving patients is our prime focus.

All our treatment, consultancies, and medicines are provided at very affordable prices. Ayurveda has very beneficial natural remedies to cure your prolonged stomach sicknesses of the root. Our Doctor diagnoses the problems to know its reasons. The best medicines are suggested to give a permanent solution to your illnesses.


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