Message from Dr. Narinder Pal Singh Ji ( Dukh Niwaran The Ayurvedic Clinic Pvt Ltd., Jalandhar (PB), India )

No one is rich enough to distribute wealth to all. But many of us are blessed enough distribute health to all. Nature has answers to all the sicknesses of the mankind. But the lack of true knowledge is the cause of our suffering. We wish to bridge this gap and reduce the suffering of the people. We are fortunate enough to serve mankind for four generations.

Dukh Niwaran Ayurveda Clinic in Jalandhar is an established clinic providing treatment by following principles of Ayurveda. We adopt a totally holistic approach in the treatment of infertility, cancer, and other diseases.

We understand our profession relates us to the sufferings of people. Hence, our fundamental principle is that we will not let sufferers suffer any more because people come to us when they are in pain.

There is a boom in the growth of glittering corporate style hospitals and exploitation of patients in the recent years. Patients are put through unwanted surgeries and investigations. Our mission is to save patients from such unwanted medications and expensive treatment and provide patients from all economic class with honest and affordable diagnosis and treatment.

A child is Almighty’s most precious gift to the mankind. We help you to bring this happiness to your life. Through our accurate infertility treatment, we have carved a niche in making millions of families fulfilled with children.

Dukh Niwaran Clinic works with a proven treatment plan and herbal medicines. Without painless procedures based on the gift of nature. We wish our patients a good health, happiness and peace of mind.


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