Dukh Niwaran Clinic is famous as an infertility clinic. Our Dr Narinder Pal Singh Ji is leading the Dukh Niwaran clinic currently. He has inherited vast pool of knowledge of the ayurvedic herbs and therapies from his ancestors. A clinic is a well-known place for curing infertility in males and females in India.

Scores of patients are successfully treated and blessed with children. Dr Narinder Pal Singh Ji has obtained remarkable experienced in solving infertility in the childless couples. Many couples visit us after trying alternate medicinal systems. We also treat the couples who have failed to conceive even after several years of marriage.

Dukh Niwaran infertility clinic’s treatment features following attractions that make childless couples visit us immediately.

1. High success ratio
2. Effective herbal medicines
3. Treatment is very affordable
4. Free of any side effects
5. Treat patients from all over the country and the world

Our clinic is extremely famous in the successful treatment of infertility problems men and women. We have achieved a very high success ration with positive results in almost all of the cases. Our medicines for male are powerful herbs that raise sperm count and solve ejaculation problems. All the male fertility problems like low sperm count, ejaculation problems, nil sperm count, low motility, and others are treated accurately. Within two to four or six months, our medicines start showing results.

Female infertility problems are generally very difficult to treat. However, Ayurveda has a rich treasure of effective herbal medicines. With our proven medicines, we are able to deliver the best results in a very short time. The clinic has a history of treating female patients with repetitive miscarriage problems, inability to conceive, inability to complete the full pregnancy, and inability to deliver.

How We Work

Infertility is a major problem which is not curable even by the modern medical science. The treatments of infertility generally involve expensive and painful surgeries or therapies that are not convenient for all the couples. Moreover, the medicines and surgeries leave their harmful impacts on the body of male or female. They can create other health issues in your body. Moreover, the treatment is not guaranteed and does not give positive results in all the cases.

However, we use a proven and systematic treatment plan depending on the infertility problem diagnosed in the individual. We use a right combination of all the following ayurvedic approaches to treat infertility through natural ways:

1. Preparations out of proven herbs for infertility
2. Dietary changes and recommendations
3. Lifestyle changes
4. Precise treatment plan for the most positive results

Our clinics receive a very large number of couples who are craving for a child. We have an outstanding history of bringing happiness in many lives. Many couples are blessed with a healthy baby boy within few months of our treatment. Our fame in treating infertility is extended beyond India as well. While the clinic is focussed on infertility treatment, it is also a proven place for diabetes, skin disorders, kidney problems, arthritis, stomach problems, kidney problems, cancer, and asthma.


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